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Illustrator/Comic ArtistCommission Status: Commercial/Mutuals only

(DM for commercial work/business inquiries)

Oshi: Eula, Heizou, Kazuha, Wanderer/Scaramouche, Furina, Yelan, Childe
Ships: KazuHei (🔄), KazuHeiScara (🔄),AeScara HeiScara, HeiAether (🔄), Tartali(🔄), EuAm, Cynonari
Granblue Fantasy
Oshi: Lancelot, Gran, Quatre
Ships: LanVane (🔄), LanPaa(🔄), SanGran

* while I explicitly include 🔄 on ships that I'm ok with positions swapped, for ships I ship without the 🔄 I'm generally okay seeing content ok them with positions swapped

** Ships included here are ships I am more likely to draw personally.

***Highlighted = main content

Terms of Service

Will Draw

  • Armor/Details*

  • OCs

  • Kemonomimi

  • Simple Backgrounds

  • Complex Background (commercial only)***

  • Couple Art**

Won't Draw

  • Butterflies/Moth themed characters

  • Mecha

  • Furries

  • Nsfw

Simple lighting and effects (Considered as details)
* Additional costs will be added for details and costs may vary depending on the type of order
** Couple Art will be charged at the price of 2 characters.
*** Available for commercial commissions depending on difficulty and discussions

Terms and Conditions

- Nothing made by me may be used in any blockchain-related technology (NFTs, cryptocurrency, or future inventions in the space.)
- Nothing made by me may be used for AI art training or any related technology/future inventions in the space.
- Payment will be done over PayPal invoices.
- A deposit of $20 ($80 for Battle scenes/commercial commissions) will be collected before I start the art. Upon completion, I will send you a watermarked version for checking. Once I've received the remaining amount due I will send the HD artwork.
- Estimated time of completion: 1 week (1 month for battle scenes)
- All necessary information must be given in the reference and corrected in the sketch. I will not do amendments once Iineart is completed.
- I reserve the right to refuse, cancel and refund the deposit if I feel I am unable to meet your standards. In the event that I have refunded your commission, you are not allowed to use any of the progress images I've sent.
- I will not accept commissions requesting me to copy or mimic another art style.
- There will be no refunds upon completion.
- For non-commercial commissions, I may or may not upload wip screenshots of your commissions. If you do not wish to have your commission's wip posted do let me know.

Amendment Policy

- 1 ~ 3 sketches will be given for your choosing. 1 amendment is allowed, after which you must choose between the original provided sketches or the newly amended sketchDue to prior incidents, I am no longer allowing checks for lineart and flats. Major amendments will no longer be allowed after sketch phase.

Battle Scene Commissions

- It is a 2 Chara battle action shot. Not available for 1 chara shots
- These take wayyy too much effort and it's easier for me if I am familiar with the series
- Turn around time: at least 1 month

Info and Pricing

Note: All prices here are base prices. Additional costs will be added for details/armor based on the provided reference. For commercial work, please message me beforehand to discuss pricing.
Please see my Terms of Service before commissioning me.
Full body: $150 USD +
Half body: $120 USD +
Bust Up: $100 USD +
Chibi: $70 USD +
*Battle / Fight Scenes: $600 USD +

For commercial commissions, there will be an additional commercial fee. Please DM me to discuss further.


*Turn around time: at least 1 month